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My video-commentary on "The Roman Triptych" of late John Paul II:
12. Nakedness in the rite of Baptism...

Stations of the Cross
meditated during a retreat of the lay Dominican fraternity
in Saint Petersburg (Russia)
in August 2002.

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by Sister Mary OP

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Whispering nearness in which parted friends may meet:

We ask Thee for Thy love.

Comforting lamp of the distressed....
Prayer to Jesus' Heart


Church and World

/Following/ neoscholastic sacramental theology (...) people might reduce the "substance" to the matter and form of the sacrament (...). At this point modernists and traditionalists are in agreement. Kard Ratzinger on the theology of the Eucharist

Benedict XVI
on the identity and call
of priests

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Sister Bridge McKenna:
Why am I celibate? Not because I am supposed to be afraid, or not the idea that I won't be tempted. Yes, we'll be tempted. Yes, we'll be attracted. There are many beautiful men that I see that I could be very much attracted to if I am honest. What does it mean?

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The ancient church of
Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (former Constantinople)
An appeal to return it
to Christians


Experiencing sexual sensual values may enhance the Gift of wisdom,
but it may lead to spiritual foolishness.
Passages from the Summa of Theology IIa-IIae q. 45-46

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My text: The Unity of the Parish and the Celebration of the Eucharist in Small Parish Communities in the Light of Recent Documents of the Magisterium of the Church read

"All human striving after a just world, is more than bandaging the wounds of humanity. It is the completion of God's fashioning of a just world."

Timothy Radcliffe OP
speaks on our hopes regarding the contemporary world.

Our victory is certain

From burger to Eucharist

The Joy and Sorrow of Priesthood Today

Our Society

Darwin knew nothing of DNA and genes. Now we do, and so we must ask: How likely is it that a species' DNA mutates by pure chance to produce superior adaptations, when nearly all mutations lead to sickness and death?

Francis Marsden, Francis Collins, Stuart Reid and Cardinal Schönborn discuss the problem from different perspectives more>>

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"Now my son is engaging in perverse behavior and he has rejected Church". Where did he get these ideas? - from the mass media and entertainment ! Very important to teach the children media wisdom...

Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of MOVIEGUIDE (C) and chairman of the Christian Film and TV Commission in the USA.
His talk during the XXII International Congress of the Family in Kyiv, Ukraine. May 10, 2006:
part1 and part2

The Roman Triptych of John Paul II – text and my commentary

Nakedness in the rite of Baptism in the Early Church...

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Our team of itinerant catechists responsible for the Neocatechumenal Way in Sudan and South Sudan with Kiko Argüello. A photo taken on 10th anniversary of the team, which I joined in 2014.
From left
Maria José from Valencia, David from Perugga, the responsible, and me. All three we are not married for the sake of the Kingdom.

I minister as an itinerant presbyter in the team mentioned above and I teach theology of marriage and sacramentology as a visiting profesor in the missionary seminaries "Redemptoris Mater" in Africa.
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Thomas Aquinas about the Gift of wisdom and spiritual foolishness
(Summa of Theology IIa-IIae q. 45-46)

Experiencing sexual sensual values may enhance the Gift of wisdom, but it may lead to spiritual foolishness.

It is not easy to get „meat” from the Theological Summa of St. Thomas, which would be fresh and would nourish our desire for truth in our daily existence. The main difficulty is its scholastic form and references to Aristotelian schemes. We have to emphasise that inside those schemes there is a vivid knowledge of Tradition on the mysticism or rather mystagogy of the Christian life, received from the Fathers, specifically from Augustine of Hippo (+430), and in this passage also from Gregory the Great (+604) and Isidore of Sevilla (+636). I have prepared the following passage in the way that the content, after removing bones of mediaeval protocol of the school theology, may come to the fore to lead the reader into the mystery of the Divine life – a life which is an intimate union through faith and charity with the Wisdom, one of seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The text is divided into two parts: first part showing a positive aspect, what wisdom is. The second one points out to negative aspect, what causes menace to wisdom and leads to spiritual folly or foolishness (in the translation I changed word folly to foolishness, as the latter word seems to me closer to people's everyday experience). As St. Thomas says, the greatest obstacle to wisdom leading to foolishness and resentment towards God is lust. Yes, Thomas sees the evil of lust, and indeed all sorts of fornication, in that it has destructive effect on wisdom. Those who engage in the lust and its acts have found their end in earthly things. In that way, often not consciously, they are enclosed in the horizontal dimension of their life

Benedict XVI about the identity of priests

Chrism mass in Saint Peter's Basilica homily (Holy Thursday, 13 April 2006)

...Let us reflect once again on the signs in which the Sacrament has been given to us. At the centre is the very ancient rite of the imposition of hands, with which he took possession of me, saying to me: "You belong to me".

However, in saying this he also said: "You are under the protection of my hands. You are under the protection of my heart. You are kept safely in the palm of my hands, and this is precisely how you find yourself in the immensity of my love. Stay in my hands, and give me yours".

If you want to be an angel of the Providence...

As an itinerant catechist and a mendicant friar I have no regular source of income. The Providence takes care of me through Its servants and angels. If you feel like being an instrument of God's providence or His angel - feel free to  
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